Spend with SAND now available on your hi Debit Card

For the first time ever, hi is enabling spend with SAND

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Spend €1,000 in SAND for a chance to win one of 100 exclusive NFT Avatars from The Sandbox

Get Started

Step 1: Sign up for hi

Download the hi App and create a free account.

Step 2: Pass KYC

Complete Identity Verification

Step 3: Get the Card

You’ll get up to 5% back on spending as well as digital subscriptions and travel benefits.


1. How long does the campaign last?
No end date! We'll continue to award prizes to those who spend >1000 EUR
2. How many NFTs can I win?
1 per member who spends >1,000 Euros in SAND
3. How are the winners selected?
First-come-first-serve. The first 100 users that spend the equivalent of €1,000 in SAND will get 1/100 new NFT Avatars.
4. Can anyone participate in the giveaway?
Applies to eligible hi cardholders only from EEA markets. For the full list of eligible markets, click here
For more details, please refer to the Help Center.